by CC:PP

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All words and voices by CC...
Recitations recorded live to webcam in San Francisco CA

All music and instruments by PP...
Recorded, sequenced and montaged in Old Hampshire GB

Due to the limitations of the technology involved, there is inevitably some background noise present. Live with it!


released July 16, 2011

Another "Cyril's Trousers, Yellow They May Be, But They Are His" Production for Bruised Banana Communications, in association with Closed Captioned For The Thinking Impaired (Fun & Cute Dept.)



Artwork by Minty, inspired by the bloggings of Lori



all rights reserved


CCPP San Francisco, California

"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately..."
Thomas Paine, 'The Age of Reason'

"Scientists believe that the universe is made of hydrogen because they claim it's the most plentiful ingredient. I claim that the most plentiful ingredient is stupidity."
Frank Zappa
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Track Name: Broken Compass

He lives his life
In a grid
Where every possible course
Is plotted and charted

With corresponding coordinates
For his heart
Thick red lined markers
Clearly showing every lover
Who ever departed.

Order is the rationale
of the day
The bien etre of his existence
Logical progressions
precisely calculated
the sole means of his stark subsistence.

She is a child of the sun
Searing, combustible
Full of chaos and fire.

A wanton creature of the jungle
A prodigious student of desire.

Thriving on collusions and collisions
Incapable of finishing what she started
Unwilling to commit to his steadfast decisions
Reluctant to navigate any map that's been charted.

Disorder is her dish du jour
Ravenous for the road of most resistance
Passion the only spice on her rack
Seduction the meat of her existence.

Their meeting was his calculation.
Their loving her bold but sound prediction.
Combined they balanced precariously
traversing the rocky terrain to each one's inner nation
The fuel for their love was spent
Though the key always remained in its vehicle's ignition
And they could no longer reconcile themselves
to such a life of contradiction.

She was his star. His brilliant quasar.
His shining light in the darkest storm.

He was her Gibraltar. Her stalwart altar.
Her Camelot, the only shelter of love she had ever known.

And their tears will drown the oceans.
And their cries will still the winds.
But what is done cannot be undone.
They have reached their final destination.
The end of a carefully compassed love.
Track Name: Slippery When Wet
There is no explanation for what you do to me...

Words stumble & fail me like happy drunks in alcoholic stupor during New Year's Eve revelries.
So giddy am I when intoxicated with the merest thoughts of you.

Shadows of you blind me...
Gamma Rays burst in your eyes...

I shudder at the thought of what it would be like in your presence.

Gleaming , brilliant, radiant, lustrous
Glowing, beaming, blazing, dazzling,
Yes, like the childhood songs of yore, I sing:

Starlight, Starbright first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might burn in your candlelight....

You are all things sunlit & moonbeamed...

Effulgence is you...
I want to bathe in the milky phosphorescence of your love

And I?

A grateful mendicant bowing to your glory.

Your every utterance reaches me at the most visceral level.
Limbic brain shunts all flows to all other functions
Then my mind becomes:


Til I am reduced to nothing
But a dumb beast at your beck & call...
A wild thing waiting to be tamed by your lion's whip...
Longing for the lash of your tongue,
All juicy fruited...

Macerating like ripe cherries steeped forever in the armagnac of your words.

You alone fill me with spirits divine.

Command me to
And I will melt inside myself,
all creamy & smooth.
My concavities- salt-licked oceans


for your swim into my depths.

I become slippery when wet...

Let us ride these waves until the tides all run dry...
Track Name: Armageddon
Your yearnings...
They call to me..
from a distant past
to an uncertain future...

Echo Echo Echo
In the ancient forests & dense thicketed mangroves
that lead to the chambers of an illusory time.

All those
dreams... sweet dreams...

Ballasts of hope
sailing over the high seas

I feel you like tenterhooks
on the fraying fabric of my lusty memories
Fastened tight
In my brain
In my veins
Pulling & pulling...
Until you yank the heart right out of me

It flies to you hapless & willing
On butterfly wings
Firefly lit & milky moon soaked
Dripping with desire

Your words devour my soul whole
Swirling it like drams of brandied madness
all over that silvery palate of yours

You don't even have to chew
because I melt as soon as I hit your tongue
And dissolve on it like one of those rock candies
That burst with a


and there goes the weasel, Daddy

Can you taste me?

I'm not bad
I'm just drawn that way
And so are you...

Your words should be scribed into hieroglyphics
on the immortal walls of forever;
Chanted by warrior angels ready to do battle
With the wicked mindfuckery
That pervades a witless Pavlovian society,

but I really don't care about that
Not right now...
Fuck the world

I'd tattoo them,

The things you wield as weaponry
Your words

Allover my body

Cover me with your sinew & spew.
I offer myself as living art
Dedicated to the glory of you

Burn into me
Brand me with your need
Color me crazy
Paint me pretty

I throw down my shield, lift up my veil
and invite you in...
How high are you willing to climb?
The rungs to my ladder lead all the way up to heaven.

What are you waiting for, Trojan Man?
C'mon... CHARGE!!!
Let the games begin...
Track Name: Shiva Seals His Fate With A Kiss
Hands on skin
Peeling back the need
Of unfulfilled touch

This healing
An elision of thought and movement
Sinuously gliding
In the arc of spines and
The covenant of hips

She will wrap herself
around the wound of his want
Bandaging him in the glisten of her lips

Extracting the blade of truth
From his blue throat
with slow licks and soft sucks.
Sweating out the poisoned word,
Her caresses become milky light glow.
His radium drips in her grip.

With the rain of her fingers,
the crescent moon rises in him
untangling the Ganges from his locks to
release the nectar of immortality.

Three planetary systems explode
In his ecstasy...

And their star dance
Gives birth to the loins of God.
Track Name: Charmed
There was a time
Before I knew you.
There was a sun
Before you shone.
I know I breathed
Air of contentment.
I know my world
Has always spun.

Yet now seems like
A breath-locked vacuum,
A tuneless chord,
A chimeless ring.

On kissless lips
My truth cries at you;
With wordless psalms
To you I sing.
For now you're gone
And though I know
The lark still flies
Tulips still bloom.

Without you, I
prefer the penury in
the hollow sepulchre
of my gloom.

My pining heart
wears itself on me;
Pinned to my breast
like a cameo brooch.
The soffitted light
of Life's
charmed chalcedony;
The feathered hope
of Nature's rhapsody

Now exist here
For me only
as echoes
within these
pearl chambered dreams
Track Name: Nothing Says "I LOVE YOU" Like A Little Squirt Of Cheese In Your Mouth
Track Name: Crash and Burn
Crash and burn...

Sandpapered thoughts...

Scratch, rake, rasp

That endless scraping

So painful to hear
The drone of confusion
The shrill pitch of fear

My mind just a whirlpool
Eddy currents of tears
I can't stop the noise of you
Your siren song still wails in my ears

The brain bleed is ceaseless
endless flow of red tide
my harrowed heart is fathomless
wondering just how your love for me died

But dead I am to you
My existence no longer a blip on your screen
I crashed on your watch yet...
the shattered remnants of my wreckage
still remain by you...

Track Name: Epic Experiments In Lust
He wondered...

"What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?"

Quantifiable, Qualifiable, Quiescence
took his tumescence
into a rigid state of

Her undeniable, justifiable
made him feel adolescent

The heat of their
licked his flesh with its flames
of desire.

All wet lips and silken skin
she did him inspire
set him on fire
while casting her web of pure spun

She wrapped round his molten member
lit him up like a glowing ember
He could not remember
ever spinning in such ecstatic
shrouds and folds.

Senseless he was rendered
during their planetary exploration
and felt such heavenly sensation
without hesitation
he into her tread
more ever bold.

With her palm's firm grasp
on his rock hardness
he plunged into those depths
of darkness
Rocking into her restless seas
as wantonness unfold.

Plunging oh so deep
into her raw essence
He came all milky and
drenched in her sweet
all their erotic contemplations

Candy-soaked & body tender
from the ardor
Again he felt himself grow harder
ready for another dip into
the honey laden bowl.

But ever curious
the mad scientist within him
searched for the algorithm
that could ensure a perfect
replica of her lover's gold.

Longing to experiment
for his cerebral pleasure
he would destroy her
with his need to measure
her passion with the scales
of relative unknown...

Try he would for alchemy so clever
that could keep them
passionate forever
or die from lusty Greed's strong hold.

No matter to him then
that love could never
sustain such graduated measure
without entombing
his beloved treasure
beneath the earth's dark sad

He strapped the wings of Icarus
on her supple spine
Hoping for love Divine
to ignite places within her
yet unknown.

With no mercy he bound
Iago's scarf around her neck
Choking out her strong reflex
against his intellectual probe.

He felt his Desdemona
would surely rise
No question of her demise
from wicked Curiosity's
sensual enterprise.

As she flexed her waxen wings
His lover's knot grew taut
Left her gasping and distraught
She was crashing into Icarian
Seas of lusty thoughts.

Searing her next with
his lover's brand
leaving her forever damned,
he attached the probes to her
head, genitals and hands.

He counted her orgasmic throes
and recorded her high-pitched screams
Carefully inscribing all her nightmarish dreams
In a steady stream
of endless flow.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!"
Pitiful wretch cried muffledly into the night
Dying with delight
as the wings of Lust once again took flight.

Oh he was so pleased
as he documented her pitiable pleas
You see, he never let compassion
interfere with his
pure scientific need.

Up went the amperage
ignoring her excruciating pain.
more electrodes were attached
to her poor brain and
He plunged once again
into her celestial domain.

Bare-fisted he tore into her unrest
yanking the heart out of her
as he ripped the life from her bared chest

Yet she moaned with ceaseless pleasure
while he stripped away her soul
she offered no vestige of protest
as he clamped the last scope on her full round breast.

Beseeching him to fuck her
with her last dying breath
she wanted to go to her death
in passion's overwhelming hold.

She cried out with a soft shout
these words of agony without
one shred of dignity or doubt:

"Strip me, whip me
Grind me, bind me
get inside me... please
Don't leave me in the cold"

As her right wing melted
into gooey puddles of wax
He eagerly jotted down
all the significant facts
and proceeded to take her
into their embrace of old.

When the experiment was over
she lay there lifeless...
Ecstasy had claimed her for his own.

Another "le petit mort" victim
of a horrible misconception in
Love's alchemical gold.

"What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?"
Horrified, he realized he would never know...
Track Name: Interlude: The Song Of Solomon Performed In The Style Of Devo
I sleep, but my heart waketh:
it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying,
Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled:
for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night.

~ Song of Solomon
Track Name: The Lady of the Camellias
In this crush of petals
Where Hope lies bleeding
Left only to perfume
The stony mortar
Of a resolute resistance...
I ache for you

My heart halted
Can no longer keep the rhythm
Of Dawn's dance
Nor feel the alchemy
Of Night's slow heavy breath

That which once gave life to us
Is now in arrest

The vow of the stars
Shatter in the futility of my muted cries.
The galaxy quakes
The skies like brittle bones break
As the pestle of a terrible Reality grinds
Pulverizing the patience of an already restless Time.

My tears become a sacrilege to my eyes
For my mind sacrosanct in its commitment
To the justice of us
Refuses the witness to see
Such villainous mutiny
Against the captain who unfurled the sails of our Bounty
Gliding us along the glassy trust
Of Love's
Horizonless blue
In Eternity, we drank deep and cruised true.

My blood now no longer flows free
It sputters and pools
Flooding the gutters
Holding the air hostage
to this treasoner's body

My poisoner veins protest the pain in
This sullen shell
Attacked by a forlorn female infused with a frantic Frenzy
An alien
Whose lying lips wail
Whose throat chokes on the pale
Sobs that soak
The curse
"He does not love me"
into an unwilling host.
Its viral language trapped in the contagion of Doubt's cells
Draining the well

Tell her, the liar, that it's untrue
Tell her such blasphemy is for fools
I don't know what to think
What to do
I only know that
The she in the me
The we
Desperately wish to believe
In you
Of you
With you
Or die
In the suffocation
Of the blanketing lie
without you.

These battlestations
a self-immolation,
Burn in the barrage of words
Fired like bullets
Burrowing in the tender places that hold onto faith
My fealty, a sacrifice,
Trapped in the line
of Psyche's own crossfire
The hemoptysis, a confused Pandora's releasing
A catharsis of the vile thought
Trying impossibly to escape the mind of Zeus

In spes phthisica, perhaps
My Lady of the Camellias consumption
could at last feed Delusion's need
And find peace in that final exaltation

If I could with a last kiss explain to you
how much you're missed,
our lips would never part...

I should stay away, I know, but I
have nowhere to go
Because I, in my infinite madness, still hope
Within the flight of a blackbird's broken-winged rise
My presence can still draw you nigh
To ride proud on my prow.

This ache
This need
Is why the Nile bleeds
And why Aetna still shivers
Beneath the surface of countless Centuries
Of hardened cold ash
Feigning calm

It is why the tectonic plates
Chafe and crack the Earth's shell
The searchlight eyes of Forever lies
In the redemption
From a lonely hell
Collapsing the light.

And men create Gods for such purpose
And the Gods
Like abandoned children
In the wilderness
For lack of it...
Track Name: Rocky's Rant
Just give me a chance to catch my breath.
Feels like I'm a hundred years older
& I'm falling deeper in debt.

But if you stop this fight, I'll kill ya!
cause mama ain't raised no quitter,
I got one shot
And Imma rock it harder
than Ali
in the Thrilla from Manila

maybe life is a losing game
A crap shoot that I can't win.
Man, those dice might be loaded
but I sure as shit ain't gonna cave in!

You stand on that ringside
waving that towel in the air
forked tongue in your mouth
feasting on my cauliflowered ear,

Screaming at me
"Down! Down! Stay Down!
But fuck that!
I'm the one eatin' the dirt off the ground!

Fuck YOU!
I'm getting back on my feet.
Einstein flunked out of school, twice!
Yeah, Beethoven was deaf & Helen Keller was blind!
This is my chance, my life & it's about TIME!

I ain't no bum, Mick. I ain't no bum!
I got my own rhythm
I'll beat my own drum...

'Cause I was thinkin', it really don't matter if I lose this fight.
It really don't matter if this guy opens my head, either.

Apollo's Creed ain't about nothing but greed.
I may not win, but I'll make that motherfucker bleed!

Ain't gonna be no rematch.
Don't want one.
when that bell rings and I'm still standin',
I'll know for the first time in my life...

That I am my daddy's son!
Track Name: Sitting On The Side Of The Road
Well, I'm sitting on the side of the road
Contemplating this and that
The either/or
of my neither/nor...

As I look at dune grass sway and shadows play, I realize:

Most of my writing is baroque
It lies in the rapacious rococo realm of the sensual
Overdressed, Overblown
Salome's biblical dance weaving
between the fibers of every gaudy veil
that obscures diaphanous thought
with smoky kisses and John The Baptist's blood.

The stuff awash with the sweat of the sin in skin
The carnal in the carnival...

The siren call is my mantra
It opens me up to the universe
Seduction is the oxygen I breathe

The paradoxical struggle of
The irresistible force meeting the immovable object
is a favorite of mine.

One that I invoke time after time.
The truth is
I want my Odysseus to tie himself to the mast of that mighty ship tightly
as I quire to him
Then... I want the sheer power of his desire for me
To cut those ropes free, even against his will
Even as he fears
the inevitability of his destruction
The melting of his Icarian wings
The final splash
the last gurgle of a heady breath
as his lungs fill with the reckoning of an inordinate craving
that can only be sated
with the undulations of my body.

Here's the caveat...
My siren song does not end as a crashing into rocks...
It will, instead, be a releasing to his higher self
through the rapture of the seeming of our seething
we would find the emergence of true being...

I don't want to feel this anymore
The sex
The pyre of desire
The immolation
The hot lick of the hellfire

I want to feel...
A blank unholy nothing

The biggest crime against nature
is to deny her...
The possibility.
That's why everyone loves the Spring
La Primavera is the queen of swing
Gaia is bursting with a symphony of pleasure
The air is an orgy
A spinning riot of color and forms
The lusty waxen combs of honey
with the potential for anything...
Life breaks free of all confines
Through the cracks in pavements
Through the fissures in walls
Through the soil's sullen chambers
Every layer of Earth rejoices.
Possibility is the most seductive state of being....
She cries
"Look Pa, no hands!"
As she dangles the fruits of Winter's labor

Bees buzzing
Trees cumming
Birds humming
Blossoms lose their inhibitions
To the wind and spread their petals wide
In anticipation of every sunrise
The rain soaks the thirsty loam
The sea spumes a delicate filigree of foam
Inviting, delighting in the song of the fishes
The musky scent of satisfaction
Permeates it all

As it should be

Anything else is an abomination
A bitchslap to the natural order of things
And should be Chuck Norrised
Into the stone age
with all the other stark deniers of life's truth

The truth is
We are here
to fuck and be fucked
Creating more fuckers and befuckers.
That's just the way it is.
Propagation is the reason for life.

Life is the gift that keeps on giving
With a fractal certitude that is
The fusion of poetry and science.
Quantum Physics meets Relativity
while reciting a Shakespearean sonnet
and dancing to a Mozart waltz.
But I am neither a fucker nor a befucker.
Lately, I have become a weed
A dandelion wish kissing a hurricane...
Lost & blown apart...
Maybe my seeds will land somewhere, someday, carried on butterfly wings
but for now I feel like an inert gas in a vacuum of madness
A thing released from the embalmed breath of mummified memory

My leading man is the Phantom of the Opera
Our libretto was written by Gepetto
And in it Pinocchio has outgrown his nose
And cutoff his apron strings
So I sing the St. Thomas Blues
Blue as I can be
A hooey
A hooey
That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea
Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me

To him with plangent voice, I sing my aria,
"Oh child of the moon
Plant your seeds in me...
My soil is moist and fecund and longing for the plunge of your spade..."

The child of the moon smiles placidly
and drifts away on the Wizard's balloon.

I think I'm going to bury myself
In layers of fat and fascia
and hide for a while.
I did it once before

Funny thing was how healthy I stayed
Because I did not gorge myself crudely
but fill myself I did
With a prodigious amount
of ambrosial foods
so pure
That even the angels could not demur.
My doctor was certainly amazed.

It's astonishing how a thing that climbs
Under your dermis and swells it up
Cushions it, protects it
Can seem so vile to the naked untutored eye.

Reubens saw the beauty in the soft rounded form
Of course, he was both a hedonist and a genius
Too much is never enough for such a one.

But for those of a grim, tunneled ascetic nature
Who are stringent of soul and astringent of heart
Even the most beautiful symmetrical features become distorted
Under swell of fleshy carnality

And so one ceases to feel
like an object of desire.

You're insulated
from everything during that time
It's like walking around in a bubble world
I'll be a bubble girl.

It's a Socratic syllogism in applied psychology:
The moment you cease to feel desirable
You become undesirable.
Ipso facto
Roll me in Playdoh
Cover up my mojo
I'll be a snowy doughy Pillsbury girl
With vanilla glazed thighs
And chocolate chip eyes

It's safer this way

I will cease being tempted
by that rare divine male
For whom I loom large
As he zooms into my view with a sonic boom
Mostly because I will cease being
a temptation to him.

I am never interested in a man who has no desire for me.
He must want me.
It was the apple tree that we eyed in Eden
not the pumpkin patch,
I will put a latch on the hatch
Of my sexuality.
Lock it tight
Bury it with Kryptonite
And not even Nietzsche's Super Uberman will be able to set my yoni free

With my feminine essence gone
I can be at peace
On the edge of the Nile
In Denial
Like Dante's demon's dreams swimming
Along the river Lethe,
I'll forget.
Mnemosyne is too divine for the likes of me
Besides omniscience would be boring as fuck
I thrive on mystery.

I have done it once before
Bury myself in flesh
to abort the womb of need

I remember Andreas
A tasty Bavarian pastry of a man
Whom I met by a roll of the galaxial dice

He was my physical therapy
Figurative and literally
I've always had a thing for the Nordic male
I never realized it til now
Something about the fire beneath the ice
With eyes that sparkle like the faceted cut
of a diamond's blaze.
White hot in its stoicism...
Scorching me as I melt in his gaze

Every session with Andreas was like tantric sex
My Kundalini was coiled around the lotus of his third eye
And he reeled into me,
But I was married, you see
And so was he
And while we never engaged in the act,
We fucked each others auras

It just doesn't get better than that
He had an older Japanese spouse
who took care of his material and emotional needs
But neglected his physical ones.
He was a Stradivarius unstrung
but I could play his etude.

Like the good ex-Catholic school girl that I am,
I hopscotched away from the our little recess fray.

When 4 months later we bumped into each other
All he could do was look at me and say
No, Lori, no... tenderly...
I had put on 40 pounds, you see
Very quickly
He knew why instantly...

We had that kind of visceral connection

Even after he
A few other golden delicious apples
Fell from their tree
rolling at my feet
And though their perfume was sweet
I just didn't want to chance
The infidelity word became flesh.
Mounds of it.
Yes, I think I'll do that again.
It will feel like a vacation.

When you take a vow
You should keep it
Doesn't matter if your partner desecrates it
You can only control how you treat others
Not how others treat you...

It's not that I'm unhappy
It's just that I'm hungry
So I'll eat what my integrity affords me.
Track Name: Y.L.O.D. (Yellow Light Of Death)
I miss you

I cling to your memory
Like shadows huddle beneath the bruise of thunder
As they seek the deeper alchemy in the light of sound...
Clasping to hope

I want you

I want to be engulfed by
the reassembled sky
in your eyes
Tantalized, I'll soar in them
Those flashes of aurora
that arc dance in the jolt of spirits magnetized

I need you

Will I finally hear
with more than a veiled mind's ear
that voice
whose bass tones
play me like song prayers
in chanting Tibetan bowls?

Sinuously weave me
in the frantic fabric of your torn skin,
I'm wrapped in
your ice-nine cat's cradle
you have always echoed
in my sin-wat bones.

I am the falling in water
I am the drowning in desire
I am the fire in the pyre

I am the lady in the lake
Sinking in quicksand
Grasping for
Excelsior's mercilessly glinting blade
The dry consumption hacks at me
Slowly I am severed
My nucleus ruptured
short circuiting this body electric
and the yellow light flashes well past all caution

Amber runs through my veins
since you've been gone,
illiquid relics of our
sensuality's arrested viral lust,
becomes a plasma promise
turned to sorcerer's stone

Our desiderata
A thing that lived and now has died
Preserved in a river of resin
Secreted by an igneous need
Forever unsatisfied
Track Name: Crash & Burn (PP's Bash & Turn Dance Mix)
Crash and burn

Sandpapered thoughts...

Scratch, rake, rasp

That endless scraping

So painful to hear
The drone of confusion
The shrill pitch of fear

My mind just a whirlpool
Eddy currents of tears
I can't stop the noise of you
Your siren song still wails in my ears

The brain bleed is ceaseless
endless flow of red tide
my harrowed heart is fathomless
wondering just how your love for me died

But dead I am to you
My existence no longer a blip on your screen
I crashed on your watch yet...
the shattered remnants of my wreckage
still remain by you...


Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn